Cary C.S. Hamilton

Image of Cary Hamilton

Cary C.S. Hamilton is the Director of Field Operations and Research for the IR-4 Project at the NMSU IR-4 Field Center housed at Leyendecker Plant Science Research Center. He received his B.S. in Agricultural Biology in 2001 and his M.A. in Agricultural Extension and Education in December of 2009.
His primary responsibilities include conducting multiple field trials in a given year to support future pesticide registrations, both conventional and organic. By serving as a bridge between USDA and U.S. EPA the data collected by the IR-4 Project helps provide effective pest control options for growers and producers and establishing pesticide tolerances based off of residue analyses, while insuring safe and healthy agricultural commodities. All trials are monitored and audited by the Western Region and U.S. EPA using strict Good Laboratory Practices (GLP's).

IR-4 research activities are predominantly funded through government and state appropriations such as USDA-NIFA, NMSU-CES and NMDA. Conducting research is becoming more and more costly due to inflation and the complexity of analyzing new reduced and lower risk chemistries.
Other duties include, holding the State Liaison position for New Mexico which allows growers and producers to be represented on a regional and national level as to what is needed pertaining to new product registrations. Maintaining working relationships and interacting with NMSU-Extension, U.S. EPA, USDA, U.S. FDA, SLA's, NMDA and other Field Research Directors are all vital parts of the IR-4 Project.


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