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Alfalfa Weevil Alert 2017

How Do You Select the Appropriate Herbicide to Control Weeds in Your Area?


Pre-emergent Herbicide Now Labeled for Cool-Season Grass Pasture & Hay Fields

Registered Herbicides for Canola in New Mexico


Tomato Leaf Spotting Diseases Identified in the NMSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic

NMSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic Launches New Features

Alfalfa Losses High Due to Alfalfa Weevil

Turfgrass Experts Teach Kids About the Water Needs of Artificial Turf

Turfgrass Specialist Teaches at Asian Golf Show in China

New Sorghum Aphid Pest Likely in New Mexico This Year

NMSU Plant Clinic Hosts NPDN STAR-D Auditor Training


Recent Heavy Rains May Cause Plant Problems

How to Protect Grapes from Birds

White Grubs in Lawns


There's a New Bug in Town

Managing Compaction in Agricultural Fields

NMSU Experts Speak at Turfgrass Event November 12-14, 2013 in Ruidoso

State Small Farms Urban Horticulturalist, Joran Viers, Begins New Position November 1, 2013

Jujube Grafting Video

Pesticide Applicator Workshop Series 2013 - 2014

Bacterial Leaf Spot Affecting Pumpkins Statewide

Fairy Ring Disease in Lawns

Heavy Summer Rain Creates Perfect Conditions for Stinkhorn Fungus

Managing Last Cuts of Alfalfa

Pest Alert: Walnut Caterpillar

Registered Herbicides for Permanent Grass Pasture and Hay Fields in New Mexico

Dodder, a Parasitic Weed, is Appearing Across the State

Reducing Harvest and Post-Harvest Losses of Alfalfa and other Hay

Bacterial Leaf Scorch Evident in Chitalpa Trees

Growers in SE New Mexico Advised to Scout for Cutworms after Recent Rain

NMSU's Extension Plant Sciences Department will bring Plant Clinics to Farmers' Markets

Registered Herbicides for Chile Peppers in New Mexico

Update on Strawberry Research at the Alcalde Sustainable Agriculture Science Center

Flea Beetle Clouds in Pecos Valley

Iron Chlorosis Takes its Toll on Landscape Plants

Fungal Diseases of Roses

Soil Health Management

Loose Smut of Wheat

Diagnosis of Herbicide Injury

Registered Herbicides for Dry Bulb Onions in New Mexico

Now is the time for home fruit growers to think about preventing 'wormy' apples and peaches


Guar - a Potential Specialty Crop in New Mexico

Black rot affecting butternut squash in New Mexico

Bacterial leaf spot affecting pumpkins in New Mexico and Texas

Alfalfa Mosaic Virus is Showing up in Chile Pepper Fields

Adaptable Cover Crops for Southwest Cropping Systems

It's time to treat for Navel Orangeworm in Pistachios

Grapevine Hedging or summer pruning

Pink Root on Onions

Entomosporium leaf spot on Indian Hawthorne

Crop Load Management on Young Vines

Lawn Irrigation

Miller Moth Pollution Explodes

Soil Testing Laboratories

Nutsedge Control in Alfalfa

The Cost of Season-Long Weed Control in Pecan Orchards

Application of Chateau Herbicide in Alfalfa

Scout Small Grains Fields for Aphids and Diseases

Pink Bollworm Nearly Eradicated in New Mexico?


Winter 2011 Low-temperature Injury to Stone Fruit Flower Buds in New Mexico

NMSU Glandless Cotton Research Appears Promising

Common Corn Smut Appearing in Corn Fields Across the State

Insect Pest Outbreaks

Managing Alfalfa in Low to No Water Availability Situations

Water Pumping Cost Alternatives

Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Feather Fingergrass Control

Restricted Use Herbicides

Freeze Damaged Plants

Curly Top Watch