Bernd Leinauer

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2014 turf team members

Extension Turfgrass Specialist

New Mexico State University's Turfgrass Extension and Research program focuses particularly on developing water management strategies for turf areas with the aim of reducing the amount of (potable) water used for irrigation.

These strategies include the screening for low water use, cold and salt tolerant turf species and cultivars, irrigation with recycled and / or high saline water, modification of turfgrass root zones, mitigation of water repellency in root zones, and subsurface irrigation.

The program has produced over 50 scientific and extension papers and contributed to a book on the subject matter of turfgrass water conservation. It has also led to a successful international research collaboration with University of Padova, Italy that includes projects in both turfgrass and forage.

Bernd Leinauer
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