Kulbhushan Grover

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Assoc. Professor/Sustainable Crop Production

The sustainable crop production research and extension program focuses on promoting crop production and management practices that build soil quality, reduce reliance on external inputs, and provide long-term stable crop yields. With the growing interest in sustainable crop production including organic, locally grown food, and community supported agriculture, there is an increasing need for educating and training existing and new generation farmers about these production systems. The program addresses the educational needs of the producers and extension educators involved in various aspects of sustainable crop production. Current applied research projects include growth and yield of peanuts grown in compost amended soils; organic peanut production in New Mexico; introduction of organic broccoli as a new crop for socially disadvantaged small farmers in southern New Mexico; legume based crop rotations to improve soil quality and crop performance under organically managed systems in the desert southwest.

Kulbhushan Grover
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